Every Child Matters But some children matter more

My Dad was a Working Class lad from a town on the River Mersey, who went to Oxford University after his Grammar School.

There were no Grammar Schools for me, though. I absolutely hated Secondary Education because the curriculum was far beneath my level.

I played truant as much as I could, my only motivation for attending being so that my Mum wouldn’t be taken to Court.

Only by the actions of one teacher did I leave school with any qualifications. He personally went to each of my other teachers to plead with them to find a way to enter me for their GCSE exams.

But I had done no coursework for any of them, so I wasn’t acceptable to the Examinations Boards.

He refused to give up on me. All the other teachers had. They told him not to waste his time. (I still wasn’t very co-operative.) He just barely managed to get me into three exams. I got two Bs and a C.

Employment was never easy to come by. I got into as many bad habits as I could. My health suffered. I spent many years in misery.

At the age of 30 I graduated with a BSc, First Class.

I might have been 21 when I graduated, if I had been allowed to go to a school more suitable for me.

But politicians hate little more than intelligence in their social inferiors.

9 years of humiliation and misery.

In memoriam Joseph McNally

Requiescat in Pace

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