A Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich

Who precisely has been convinced of anything? It’s pretty plain that Trump’s just a circus clown in mufti
And Mrs. Clinton really is a nasty piece of work
It’s going to be a stupidly stupid administration, whichever of them you give the keys to. You’re screwed.
Mark my words: Clinton will enact some of the most bizarrely illiberal legislation that Trump has hinted at in the car crashes that he gives in lieu of press events
Except it’ll be a lot worse, frighteningly so
And it’ll still be impossible to see any escape from the ghetto or the trailer park
Still, working two jobs won’t give any protection from mortgage foreclosures
I could go on…
…Everybody knows that lawyers are perfectly capable of lying without compunction. No guilt, shame, empathy, no nada, no nunca
There’s only one person who’s really real in their minds
…and people *choose* to be dominated by such creatures?
To make them the embodiment of their primeval need for a Hero to worship at the feet of?
Maybe, somewhere far away, there’s an intelligent life form observing all of this, and finding some humour to it
But from down here, it just looks like a tragedy

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