The Marton Arms Interesting...

The landlords told me that this ancient Inn is haunted.

I was just outside a few moments ago, having a cigarette, listening to the David Bowie song, “Wild is the Wind”.

It’s not windy tonight. The air is still and drizzly.

I noticed an interesting light formation coming from the toilet windows, that I thought would make for a good photograph, so I took a few snaps, with and without flash.

With flash, the drizzle cast streaks over the images. I was contemplating this when I realised the church bell opposite was tolling. It tolled ten times or more. The hour was twenty past one on the morning of Friday, September 2nd, 2016.

Thornton-in-Lonsdale is a very small village. Maybe even a hamlet. I haven’t seen it in daylight to be sure. 0120h is a very strange time for a church bell to toll anywhere, and to ring so many times is stranger still.

As I finished my cigarette, I walked over towards the bench where the ashtrays are. In the corner of my eye, against the wall of the porch, a spot of greenish light about a foot in diameter appeared, and then disappeared when I looked towards it.

This happened four or five times before I realised it may have been coming from the security system. There had been a rhythm to its appearing.

Standing in the same position, now looking at the security system, I saw no flashing coming from there.

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