If I was so easily controlled The Word is in the Jokes

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

My name is Alastair Francis Glynn

I’ve done so much; where to begin?

There isn’t time to say everything

I know this is meant to be anonymous

But I’m not afraid to say it

There’s so much things

Despite my skin so thin

I’ll tell you with my hidden eyes

I heard about “Stiff Upper Lip”

I heard about “Control”


If I was so easily controlled,

Don’t you think I would have worked out how to do it?

I heard about wearing one’s Heart on One’s sleeve

I did work out how to do that

Maybe it’s just about taking one step at a time

In heavy seas, sometimes it’s just not safe to keep moving the boat forward

Sometimes you have to hold steady

Sometimes even go backwards a little way

But always make sure you’re pointing in the right direction

Then, when things calm down again – as they always do, eventually – you’re ready to set sail once more: full steam ahead!

In the Beginning, there was the Word

And the Word is in the Jokes

A great Philosopher once wrote

But the Alpha and Omega Spoke

…this might just be the best Friday the 13th

I remember Living

I remember sitting by the fire

I still sing those songs

However unprofessional,

Thanks for hearing my confession.


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