Tom Wayward 2016-05-07 Rough recordings

Rough recordings made last Saturday night with Tom Wayward, my friend and colleague from my days at UH. Tom is the first person to be recorded playing my new Roland RP301R digital piano… It should have been me, but things be how they do.

This is also the first time I have used the new Eventide Tverb plugin, developed in conjunction with Tony Visconti, a reverb modelled on the studio in which David Bowie’s “Heroes” was recorded. Its use here is rather subtle, but I’m very satisfied with the body it gives to the sound. Both of these tracks were recorded with only one microphone.

I’m looking forward to doing some more work with Tom: he’s a good mate, and very talented. These are rough recordings; maybe we’ll get these and others recorded to a release-quality standard before too long.

Comments are most welcome : )

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